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Born and raised on Nova Scotia's south shore, Laurie (Publicover) Mireau travelled from the east coast to western Canada and back again in pursuit of her studies in art and teacher education which earned her a doctoral degree from the University of Alberta in 1980.

Her extensive career has spanned nearly three decades in public and post-secondary education, including art at the elementary, middle school and university levels. She returned to her native province in 1995 to follow her dream, her first love - painting. Her work is inspired by the marine vistas and natural surroundings of her childhood.

the art

Laurie's inner peace is found in the tranquility of the early morning light, its soft shadows and the stillness of the water. It is this love of the ocean that one can see in her various compositions portraying the heritage and working environments of the sea-faring people of the Maritimes.

Through the Rigging, Bluenose II

Laurie's focus on water as a source of inspiration reflects the ever-changing variety and contrast she finds in the ocean, its many moods and her deep respect for it as an ever-present source of both danger and pleasure.

Her colorful renderings of florals, boats and people illustrate the vibrancy of nature and life itself. Taken as a whole, her paintings represent the full circle of life: passion and rebirth, meaning and growth, serenity and peace.

The usual subjects for Laurie's paintings are the coves, wharves and flora commonly found in the small coastal villages near her family home in Hubbards.

Calla Lily

Her images are realistic reproductions of the tools used by working fishermen as well as remnants left behind after having given faithful service to their owners. The latter are reminiscent of an earlier time - shadows of their former glory now laid to rest.

Laurie's use of vivid watercolors as her preferred medium is her way of drawing attention to the dignity and beauty found in the in-shore fishery by focusing upon the equipment used by fishermen to ply their trade.

Laurie's trademark is her use of bold colors which enhance the beauty of the natural floral and marine environments that are a part of her daily life.

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

Laurie is a juried member of:
  • NSDCC (Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council)
  • FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists)

and a member of:

  • Contemporary Art Society
  • VANS (Visual Arts Nova Scotia)
  • VAO (Visual Arts Ontario)
  • VAAA (Visual Arts Association of Alberta)
  • CARFAC (Canadian Artist Representation / le front des artistes canadiens)
  • BVCG (Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild)
  • SSAC (South Shore Arts Council).

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It's easy to collect MireauArt! 

Laurie has provided a few selected companion piece groupings, including a Bluenose II collection, a Viking ship collection, a floral collection (and more) to help you decorate your home, suggesting groupings by "theme" or "colour scheme".

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If you're interested in having a one-of-a-kind commission painting done for yourself or as a unique gift for that special someone, contact Laurie and she'll be only too happy to discuss the possibilities.



Call Laurie Mireau for appointment to view MireauArt studio located in Halifax NS (902) 429-7078

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